Newest Creations

WOOHOO! Time to talk about cupcakes.

It has been a minute! Too long since I spoke about cupcakes – so lets see how we go.

Over the past month I have come up with THREE next cupcakes – thats right – you all heard me correctly – 3 new incredible cupcakes. They are:

Ginger Beer, Turkish Delight and Rosewater & Lemon Curd.

The sad story is, is that I didn’t take any photos 😦 – only of the ginger beer ones which will be below.

But can I just say – it has been such an incredible blessing to be able to get back into the kitchen and bake! I only received my new ‘Spatular Mixer’ attachment a few weeks ago – my other one broke which has really slowed down the cupcake making. But also my year has been a crazy roller coaster (as you would have read in my pervious blog) – but it is all getting very exciting!

At the moment I am in the process of getting this business venture up an going with an very cool and exciting idea! I won’t tell you right now due to needing the funds and everything to get it up and running. BUT once everything is in place you guys will be the first to know EVERYTHING about it 🙂

So my next cupcake that I am going to create and YES I will take more photos on the inside and out – is:

Tiramisu! (I am really excited about this because it is my favourite dessert of all time!!!)

We will see how that goes.

ALSO I was gifted with this amazing mag:

So I will be getting my head into that this sunny saturday’s afternoon that it for sure.

I truly hope you are all going incredible – thank you once again for your on going support – it means the world!


K xx


An ever changing path … Life!

Hello my amazing followers,

I am yet again very sorry that I haven’t been posting on here for a long long long while – my apologies.

But in saying that a lot has been happening in my life (when is this ever not the reason?!) and I have had to do a lot of learning and growing to be able to come to the point I am at now.

So to get you up to date as to WHY I haven’t been focusing on Philoscupcakes is the following:

I had plans on moving to another country *insert crazy stunned face here*

You all know how much a love the Philippines right – well yes that is where I was setting off to. I had it planned to go ever since my last visit and I was going to move there for about 12 months and work within a church and a private school that is attached to the church – it was going to be an incredible – eye – opening experience.

In the process of leading up to the trip I did grow a lot in my faith and couldn’t help but think that this is what life has handed to me – this is my purpose for now and I was very content with it – to the point I even PACKED my whole room up and had my suit case packed and ready to go probably 4 months before I was leaving. There was no doubt that this was the route my life was taking at this point.

But then …

Things changed.

Some of you MAY think I am crazy but I believe there are some dreams (I am talking about sleeping dreams now – not ambitions) that are meant to be remembered and some that are complete trash and just need to be thrown away.

I had TWO dreams within about a month of each other about my trip to the Philippines which were ones I remembered and they stuck for days after.

My first dream was me with two of my close friends – Tarrin and Richard – and they were looking at me as if I had done something wrong – in my dream I asked them what was wrong – they then replied “this whole Philippines thing doesn’t sit well with us, we don’t think it is the right time for you to go” – and then I woke up.

But I decided to ignore it.

And then! I had another dream probably 3 weeks after that one which was me and a family I love a lot sitting at the airport. Chynna (one of the daughters) looked down at the tickets and said “ummmmmmm Kristy – this ticket doesn’t say 2014 – it says 2016”

So then I sat there and thought – hmmmm maybe I should actually think about this a bit more.

After many thoughts, conversations about my original motives and prayer I had to come to a decision that I had made and that I was at peace about.

I came to the decision to not go. – this wasn’t an easy decision to come to but once it was made a huge weight was lifted.

It was also a very hard decision because I am someone who cares about what other people think – and I let it affect me. So I was worried about what you were all going to think and say – but the people that have approached me have been nothing but encouraging – so to you guys – I am very very thankful! Your support has truly helped me move along in the process.

I have also come to a conclusion which I didn’t come to by myself – but it is something I love.

If you think back to one of the first tests in the bible where God tests Abraham with his son Isaac. God just wanted to know if Abraham was willing to do what God had asked of him.

This thought has brought me great comfort and I hope it does for you too.

NOW on cupcake news!!!!

I am starting to really focus on my business at the moment and making it all ‘legit’ and testing out new cupcakes also! So please keep your eyes on this space. I will be blogging more often with new creations.

Well that’s me for now. I do hope that you are all doing amazing things and feeling amazing.

K xx

Happy Mother’s Day, Mum!

It is mothers day already for 2014 – wow! I can still remember it like it was last week, running around for my siblings and myself getting flowers and liquorice for our mum. The year has flown!

I had an exciting project this week – I had an order for 300 red velvet cupcakes for a Mothers Day event at Door of Hope today. It was so much fun – haven’t had a big order like that since late last year. So this for me was great to do because it made me remember that I ‘still had it’. The thoughts that were going through my head whilst baking wasn’t to do with ‘getting the job done’ – it made me think about how incredible mothers are and how they have so much influence in our lives.

IMG_4198 IMG_4203 IMG_4205 IMG_4201

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset IMG_4200

It was such a blessing to be part of the celebration that was had at Church and I was and still am so overwhelmed by the comments made. It was my absolute pleasure, honour and privilege to be part of the creation of today!

IMG_4222 IMG_4228


A mothers love is certainly a different kind of love – no one can give the love that a mother can. It is intentional I say ‘give’ because ‘Love’ is not a feeling – it is a physical action that takes effort and has a purpose.

When I think of a mothers love I think of the times when I have been so upset and all that can satisfy is a nice warm hug from my mum – I am sure many of you can relate. I remember many times when I was younger and I would trip and fall and some how hurt myself – and the only person I would call for was mum … simply because I knew she wouldn’t be far – she would be near.

The best thing about my mum is that no matter what the situation, she is always not far. Numbers of times she has had to leave work for some reason or other because of me – in high school it was dentist appointments and things like that mostly – but she just has the heart of “if my child is in need – I will drop my things and come -a- helpin’!” (i am now sitting here going – hmmmm I wonder if she only did that for me… haha! sorry sis and bro’s if this wasn’t the case with you -BUT I am sure it was)

You see – I have been truly blessed to have the mother I have. She is so supportive and that I am thankful for. Never has she once told me I couldn’t do something and come up with this incredibly drawn out excuse. When it has come to me asking my mum about my next move in life – her reaction has always been “you have to do what you feel you have to do” or “as long as you have found something that makes you happy”. Her words are so simple yet hold so much weight and truth – I love it! I also love her love of books – I wish I could read as much as she does and as fast as she does. Her love of murder mysteries is something that is quite contagious – I remember watching The Bill and Wire in the Blood some late friday nights. But to me – one of the most admirable thing about my mum is her love for her family.

Mum’s side of the family is quite a decent size – and us cousins growing up together has truly helped shape us the way we are today. There is not a time where there are two or more cousins in a room and the subject of us growing up together doesn’t come up. It is something we hold dear to us and love talking about. I personally love talking about it and the silly things we used to do together. But none of that would be possible if our parents love of their family didn’t exist. I am very grateful to have the model of that family to build upon and learn from.

So mum – this blog is dedicated to you.

Thank you for being who you are. For being so supportive, understanding and open to me, my beliefs and my dramatic changes of direction in life. I aspire to be a mum like you. Allowing your children to grow up into their own skin, writing their own story and finding people to help along the way. For being the shoulder to cry on, the person to laugh and talk with about how crazy everyone else is.

I know you have so much more to do and give of your life and I can’t wait to see what you will do. Be encouraged, be loved and be you – the best mum in the world.


Processed with VSCOcam with a4 preset

Plus One

I thought it was about time I posted another blog – whoops! Haha – but this one is a good one – one to make you think and to be encouraged and empowered.

At the church I attend, the youth and young adults vision is called “Plus One” which basically is the act of doing something you would do for yourself and then doing the same thing for someone else. This could be as simple as buying a stranger’s coffee after you have purchased your own, or giving someone a lift to the same place as you traveling to.

After a Sunday service we were challenged to go out and put into action the “Plus One” challenge we had received during the service. Mine just happened to be “bake something for someone” – haha! I laughed. I did. It was quite funny. But I then realised that this was something so practical and within my limits I couldn’t ignore it.

So my plan was to make cupcakes for the hair salon just around the corner from my place. The beautiful owner of the salon travelled to the Philippines with me last trip, so I had become close to her through that. So I went on this adventure of making cupcakes and thinking about the bless it will be to her, her family and clients by giving them this extra little treat.

2014-03-20 13.15.40

As I walked into the shop and gave them to the owner I was thinking about just how grateful I am to have the talent of baking to get the reaction I was getting on her face when she saw the cupcakes. It filled my heart with thankfulness and joy!

And then – GET THIS. She was so overwhelmed and felt so blessed that she felt the need to offer me a FREE hair cut the next day – WOW! How incredible is that. I was able to do something so simple for someone to bless them that then they go ahead and offer something that find so simple to bless another with.

2014-03-21 14.55.27

That right there everyone is what this whole “Plus One” thing is about. Imagine if everyone did something like that every day. I garentee the world would be a much happier place, and I truly believe that is the way things are meant to be. Not people going out of their way to get what they want. But people going out of their way to help others to get what they need. Seeing someone else’s need and helping them achieve it is probably one of the most satisfying feeling you could ever experience.

So I want you to feel encouraged and empowered to go out and think about something you find so simple to do for yourself and do it for someone else. Go purchase that coffee and buy another for someone else. Go put money in that parking meter. Go have that conversation with that person. The joy and the happiness that you will receive after you have done this will be the best feeling you can ever get.

Hope you’re having a lovely day,

K xx

Getting Back to Things.

Hiya everyone,

Oh my … I am super sorry it has been a bit quiet around here for the past few months – a lot of life change is happening for me – so thank you very much for bearing with me 🙂 I am blessed to have such awesome people and their support around Philoscupcakes.

If you have missed me that much and want to read more of me because this blog is just not enough – haha – go and head over to Her Perspective Collective – run by the beautiful Melinda – where you can read their latest blog that I had the privilege of being asked to write. It is about my trip to the Philippines in January which is a bit more in-depth than what I have shared with you here – also whilst you there (here – click me!!) read everything else because it will do yourself good!

Alright – lets keep the main thing the main thing – lets focus on the CUPCAKES!

So I posted on my intsa today that I was going to attempt a new cupcake today – surprisingly I got straight to it so here is how it went.

Dark Chocolate with Raspberry Curd and Vanilla Buttercream:

I started off by creating a really awesome chocolate cupcake base – I know the title says ‘dark chocolate’ but I actually cannot find dark chocolate cocoa – so I cheat and use ‘Nestle’ cocoa as its appearance is a lot darker than the ‘Cadbury’.

As they were cooking I started on the raspberry curd – this is something I have never done before – I was quite nervous about how it was going to turn out but I love challenging myself with new things.

2014-04-04 15.03.52

I just searched for a quick and easy recipe but used a few of my own ideas for it also to make is a bit more unique 🙂 (it tastes yumo!)

After the cupcakes were cooled I de-cored them and filled them with the curd. Once filled – topped it off with the vanilla butter cream. I wanted to add the raspberry swirl into it as seen in the original picture – and I attempted it – but I failed! haha. But that is okay – next time 😉

2014-04-04 15.23.522014-04-04 15.34.38

Well there you go – another cupcake created – so many more to go.

I am now off to my lovely friend’s place to share them out for supper tonight – I’ll let you know what they think 😉

I hope you have had such a great day,

K. x

Happy Valentines/Hearts Day!

Hello my fellow followers.

It is Valentines day! A day filled with love, joy and remembrance. Make sure those who have a valentine, that you open up to one another today – let the them know how you feel about them as someone you love. Celebrate what you have together and be thankful that you have each other in your lives. 🙂

For all those who don’t have ‘a valentine’ – lift your head up!! It is not a day for you to think about being alone. It is a day to think about those who you love and telling THEM how much you appreciate them.

Two of my friends who are best friends, every valentines, have one another over at their house, eat food and watch lord of the rings! They do those things because they love each other, they love food and they LOVE lord of the rings. I think that is brilliant! Haha.

Something to encourage you all by is one of the well known verses out of 1 Corinthians about love. For those who don’t know it – here is what love should be like and all about.

“Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous or boastful or proud or rude. It does not demand its own way. It is not irritable, and it keeps no record of being wronged. It does not rejoice about injustice but rejoices whenever the truth wins out. Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance.” (1 Corinthians 13:4-7 NLT)

I do pray that today is a day filled with great joy, laughter, chocolate, roses and most of all love. I also pray that God is with you all he is the greatest love you could ever experience. 🙂

Below is a picture of my after production of my Red Velvet cupcakes for a Valentines dinner tonight at my church. They were so much fun making 🙂

Have a great day!
K xx


Philippines Adventure

Hello world!

I know I said I would try posting a few blogs whilst I have been away – and I am on the last leg of the travel in Brunei and I finally have found good enough internet to post something for you all.

My last two weeks have been completely life changing – no question about that! My heart has been twisted and pulled out and put back in multiple times, it is very hard to think going back to Australia is going to be the same.

Whilst I have been away I have been able to see my sponsor child’s situation a lot more in depth than what I did last year. I don’t think I really want to go into it too deeply on here – but it was worse than I had anticipated.

I also had the privilege of being reunited with compassion leaders and teachers from both of the projects and within this trip – I realized the lasting impact I had made on a few significant leaders and teachers from the last trip. It melts my heart to know that a short trip to be thrown into these peoples lives can leave so many incredible memories and relationships that will last a life time.

Compassion is hands down the best sponsorship organisation ever. The wisdom, love and prayer they put into the projects and into the programs we take part of are completely first class. They show us up in Australia when it comes to hosting people with their hospitality, their kind and meaningful words, their respect, their love for the broken and in need. These are just a few things I have found to stand out but there are many more.

As I posted on facebook last night – the Philippines has stolen my heart – I will be back as soon as God grants and I am looking forward to that day coming.

Also below I have some photos from a little cupcake store I found in Manila. GiGi cupcakes. Their cake was beautiful but icing was very hard – they weren’t the best but they were a nice cake fix at the end of the day 🙂

Well – it’s a long and late blog. But I am sure you will enjoy it. 🙂 enjoy the pictures.

Hope your day is great!
K xx