Getting Back to Things.

Hiya everyone,

Oh my … I am super sorry it has been a bit quiet around here for the past few months – a lot of life change is happening for me – so thank you very much for bearing with me 🙂 I am blessed to have such awesome people and their support around Philoscupcakes.

If you have missed me that much and want to read more of me because this blog is just not enough – haha – go and head over to Her Perspective Collective – run by the beautiful Melinda – where you can read their latest blog that I had the privilege of being asked to write. It is about my trip to the Philippines in January which is a bit more in-depth than what I have shared with you here – also whilst you there (here – click me!!) read everything else because it will do yourself good!

Alright – lets keep the main thing the main thing – lets focus on the CUPCAKES!

So I posted on my intsa today that I was going to attempt a new cupcake today – surprisingly I got straight to it so here is how it went.

Dark Chocolate with Raspberry Curd and Vanilla Buttercream:

I started off by creating a really awesome chocolate cupcake base – I know the title says ‘dark chocolate’ but I actually cannot find dark chocolate cocoa – so I cheat and use ‘Nestle’ cocoa as its appearance is a lot darker than the ‘Cadbury’.

As they were cooking I started on the raspberry curd – this is something I have never done before – I was quite nervous about how it was going to turn out but I love challenging myself with new things.

2014-04-04 15.03.52

I just searched for a quick and easy recipe but used a few of my own ideas for it also to make is a bit more unique 🙂 (it tastes yumo!)

After the cupcakes were cooled I de-cored them and filled them with the curd. Once filled – topped it off with the vanilla butter cream. I wanted to add the raspberry swirl into it as seen in the original picture – and I attempted it – but I failed! haha. But that is okay – next time 😉

2014-04-04 15.23.522014-04-04 15.34.38

Well there you go – another cupcake created – so many more to go.

I am now off to my lovely friend’s place to share them out for supper tonight – I’ll let you know what they think 😉

I hope you have had such a great day,

K. x


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