Plus One

I thought it was about time I posted another blog – whoops! Haha – but this one is a good one – one to make you think and to be encouraged and empowered.

At the church I attend, the youth and young adults vision is called “Plus One” which basically is the act of doing something you would do for yourself and then doing the same thing for someone else. This could be as simple as buying a stranger’s coffee after you have purchased your own, or giving someone a lift to the same place as you traveling to.

After a Sunday service we were challenged to go out and put into action the “Plus One” challenge we had received during the service. Mine just happened to be “bake something for someone” – haha! I laughed. I did. It was quite funny. But I then realised that this was something so practical and within my limits I couldn’t ignore it.

So my plan was to make cupcakes for the hair salon just around the corner from my place. The beautiful owner of the salon travelled to the Philippines with me last trip, so I had become close to her through that. So I went on this adventure of making cupcakes and thinking about the bless it will be to her, her family and clients by giving them this extra little treat.

2014-03-20 13.15.40

As I walked into the shop and gave them to the owner I was thinking about just how grateful I am to have the talent of baking to get the reaction I was getting on her face when she saw the cupcakes. It filled my heart with thankfulness and joy!

And then – GET THIS. She was so overwhelmed and felt so blessed that she felt the need to offer me a FREE hair cut the next day – WOW! How incredible is that. I was able to do something so simple for someone to bless them that then they go ahead and offer something that find so simple to bless another with.

2014-03-21 14.55.27

That right there everyone is what this whole “Plus One” thing is about. Imagine if everyone did something like that every day. I garentee the world would be a much happier place, and I truly believe that is the way things are meant to be. Not people going out of their way to get what they want. But people going out of their way to help others to get what they need. Seeing someone else’s need and helping them achieve it is probably one of the most satisfying feeling you could ever experience.

So I want you to feel encouraged and empowered to go out and think about something you find so simple to do for yourself and do it for someone else. Go purchase that coffee and buy another for someone else. Go put money in that parking meter. Go have that conversation with that person. The joy and the happiness that you will receive after you have done this will be the best feeling you can ever get.

Hope you’re having a lovely day,

K xx


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