An ever changing path … Life!

Hello my amazing followers,

I am yet again very sorry that I haven’t been posting on here for a long long long while – my apologies.

But in saying that a lot has been happening in my life (when is this ever not the reason?!) and I have had to do a lot of learning and growing to be able to come to the point I am at now.

So to get you up to date as to WHY I haven’t been focusing on Philoscupcakes is the following:

I had plans on moving to another country *insert crazy stunned face here*

You all know how much a love the Philippines right – well yes that is where I was setting off to. I had it planned to go ever since my last visit and I was going to move there for about 12 months and work within a church and a private school that is attached to the church – it was going to be an incredible – eye – opening experience.

In the process of leading up to the trip I did grow a lot in my faith and couldn’t help but think that this is what life has handed to me – this is my purpose for now and I was very content with it – to the point I even PACKED my whole room up and had my suit case packed and ready to go probably 4 months before I was leaving. There was no doubt that this was the route my life was taking at this point.

But then …

Things changed.

Some of you MAY think I am crazy but I believe there are some dreams (I am talking about sleeping dreams now – not ambitions) that are meant to be remembered and some that are complete trash and just need to be thrown away.

I had TWO dreams within about a month of each other about my trip to the Philippines which were ones I remembered and they stuck for days after.

My first dream was me with two of my close friends – Tarrin and Richard – and they were looking at me as if I had done something wrong – in my dream I asked them what was wrong – they then replied “this whole Philippines thing doesn’t sit well with us, we don’t think it is the right time for you to go” – and then I woke up.

But I decided to ignore it.

And then! I had another dream probably 3 weeks after that one which was me and a family I love a lot sitting at the airport. Chynna (one of the daughters) looked down at the tickets and said “ummmmmmm Kristy – this ticket doesn’t say 2014 – it says 2016”

So then I sat there and thought – hmmmm maybe I should actually think about this a bit more.

After many thoughts, conversations about my original motives and prayer I had to come to a decision that I had made and that I was at peace about.

I came to the decision to not go. – this wasn’t an easy decision to come to but once it was made a huge weight was lifted.

It was also a very hard decision because I am someone who cares about what other people think – and I let it affect me. So I was worried about what you were all going to think and say – but the people that have approached me have been nothing but encouraging – so to you guys – I am very very thankful! Your support has truly helped me move along in the process.

I have also come to a conclusion which I didn’t come to by myself – but it is something I love.

If you think back to one of the first tests in the bible where God tests Abraham with his son Isaac. God just wanted to know if Abraham was willing to do what God had asked of him.

This thought has brought me great comfort and I hope it does for you too.

NOW on cupcake news!!!!

I am starting to really focus on my business at the moment and making it all ‘legit’ and testing out new cupcakes also! So please keep your eyes on this space. I will be blogging more often with new creations.

Well that’s me for now. I do hope that you are all doing amazing things and feeling amazing.

K xx


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