Newest Creations

WOOHOO! Time to talk about cupcakes.

It has been a minute! Too long since I spoke about cupcakes – so lets see how we go.

Over the past month I have come up with THREE next cupcakes – thats right – you all heard me correctly – 3 new incredible cupcakes. They are:

Ginger Beer, Turkish Delight and Rosewater & Lemon Curd.

The sad story is, is that I didn’t take any photos 😦 – only of the ginger beer ones which will be below.

But can I just say – it has been such an incredible blessing to be able to get back into the kitchen and bake! I only received my new ‘Spatular Mixer’ attachment a few weeks ago – my other one broke which has really slowed down the cupcake making. But also my year has been a crazy roller coaster (as you would have read in my pervious blog) – but it is all getting very exciting!

At the moment I am in the process of getting this business venture up an going with an very cool and exciting idea! I won’t tell you right now due to needing the funds and everything to get it up and running. BUT once everything is in place you guys will be the first to know EVERYTHING about it πŸ™‚

So my next cupcake that I am going to create and YES I will take more photos on the inside and out – is:

Tiramisu! (I am really excited about this because it is my favourite dessert of all time!!!)

We will see how that goes.

ALSO I was gifted with this amazing mag:

So I will be getting my head into that this sunny saturday’s afternoon that it for sure.

I truly hope you are all going incredible – thank you once again for your on going support – it means the world!


K xx


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