Over the holidays I have had my family come down from Melbourne and I made them a variety of different cupcakes to try.

IMG_3245 IMG_3246 IMG_3247

My favourites were making mini nerd cupcakes for my two nieces and nephew. They loved them! Here are some cute photos to gush over.

IMG_3284 IMG_3286 IMG_3287

IMG_3290 IMG_3288

(These last photos are just of violet as she has woken up – but she woke up because she saw that Mum had a cupcake! Hehe cute!)

Hope your day has been great!

K xx


A New Chapter

First of all everyone – HAPPY NEW YEAR! It is now 2014 and I cannot believe it. Every year is going faster and faster it is hard to keep up. Here is to a new year, new adventures, new challenges and new achievements.

Now this blog post is dedicated to Mr Ben Towns and his tremendous new move in the career world and how I made some pretty awesome cupcakes for this occasion!

I have said before that I love spontaneity and this was one of those moments where I was caught off guard and loved it! For a little gathering we had to celebrate Ben I suggested I would make some cupcakes and I was thinking typically, ‘red velvet’ or ‘french toast’ or ‘snickers’ but then it was suggested that I should do something with the logo of the business of his new work and when it was said, the idea came to me instantly.

photo 4

photo 1 (2)

So this is what I did. I wanted there to be the colours of the logo which were red, white and black so I decided I would go for a chocolate cupcake, red cupcake liner, white icing with a fondant cut out of the logo. The really exciting part was coming up with what kind of cupcakes I wanted to make. He is a cake lover which has fruit in it and the first flavour of cake that came to mind was ‘Black Forest’. This cupcake – like them all – was fun to come up with and try out – I also found a new chocolate cupcake recipe which blew my mind! I will be using it again.


photo 2 (2)

photo 3 (1)

So I can now say that Philos has a new cupcake!!! Black Forest – it was amazing. So amazing that my incredible boyfriend, who hates fruit, loved them. (That personally made my day, he is very hard to change when it comes to food! – love you xx)

photo 5

I pray Ben that your new experience of this upcoming job is a new chapter to something great and exciting – you are a champion.

Hope everyones holiday season has been good and continues to be so.

K xx

Two weeks later … Sorry!

Hello everyone out there in Blog World! I am sorry for not posting anything for the past two weeks – I have had two of the most busiest weeks ever. I hope you can forgive me 🙂

So a lot has happened with certain things about future options of where I could be heading. I have been looking into Home Economics teaching for the past few months and looking into possible uni courses but guess what – there are NONE here in Tasmania! If I were looking into it a few years ago it would have been something very do-able – but unfortunately it isn’t anymore 😦

My next alternative has been to look into Tafe and see what they had to offer – they have nothing in Patisserie here either. – Yep, I have had such a good run!

After looking into all this I am starting to realise that maybe I should just focus on making Philos into what I am wanting it to become. Not just let it be a side thing but actually start making it a career in this stage of my life. – How scary!! But it is very exciting.

I now have business cards (I know how crazy awesome is that! I sound so professional) and have started getting people a bit more aware of the business and although I am not starting right away – I am getting the name out there and people are starting to understand the brand of Philos Cupcakes!

So plan for 2014 is: Start growing and building Philos – shivers!

Thank you all for your kind word of encouragement I am constantly getting! You make this journey so much fun and possible.

Hope you have had a great week,

K xx


So two weeks ago I promised my Instagram followers that I would be creating a new cupcake for them – and I delivered!

I created the snickers inspired cupcake that I had been wanting to create for a very long time. The thing I loved about this most though is that I didn’t follow a typical recipe or get ideas from a different snickers recipe. I am really challenging myself to create new recipes of my own so people will be satisfied that they are eating a Philos Cupcake.


The great thing about this recipe and the concept of a snickers bar is that you can do so many creative things to the cupcake.You have the caramel, chocolate and the peanuts and you can use them in so many different ways when cooking.

In the end (after countless other ideas of how to really make this cupcake stand out from the other snickers cupcakes) I decided I would mix a combination of of the caramel and peanuts together to make it stand out.

I was so pleased to see the end result and how well it had been executed. My taste testers approved and thought it was a cupcake with great taste and texture. One even said it was their new favourite!

This made me smile 🙂

Hope your day was wonderful!

K xx


Ps. – I may have some more news of the business front of Philos Cupcakes. I will update you next blog. 🙂

Soul Cry

If you have read the ‘about me’ section on this blog of mine – I mention that I care for those in need. This is a post that will be touching on this part of my life – something a bit different to cupcakes but I think it is important that I express other things such as this on this blog.

I have titled this post ‘Soul Cry’ because it is something that my heart has been doing as I have viewed reports on the tragic conditions the Philippines are in at the moment. The thing that also comes to mind about this is that the Philippines were going through enough already before this typhoon hit them now just under two weeks ago.

I have a sponsor child in the Philippines – her name is Melissa and she is 9. She and her family were extremely blessed and weren’t affected by this typhoon. But when it was happening and I hadn’t heard any reports on how the island of Calapan held up, all I wanted to do was fly over and be with her and her dear family.


I have had the privilege of meeting Melissa and her family early this year. During this visit I was able to see her house, meet almost her entire family, take her to a beach for the very first time and many other things. One of the things I cherished the most was the relationship I built with her mother Rikka.

On the last day of being with Melissa and her family I got to take Melissa and her mum grocery shopping. This supermarket we went to had EVERYTHING it was crazy. The joy and smile that filled Melissa and Rikka’s faces when walking into that store was enough to start my eyes watering. They were amazed.

So we walked around and they filled the trolley right up with things they needed along with a few treats. But the whole time (other than her grabbing things and putting them in the trolley) Rikka held onto my hand the reciting the words ‘I love you’ over and over again. It’s an incredible feeling trying to comprehend the impact you have on a whole family and hearing these words from the mother of your sponsor child. Truly incredible.

Having a sponsor child is one of the best feelings any human-being can have. Knowing that only a small amount of money can do so much for a family the size of Melissa’s (7 people) is amazing. It can help restore their house, food, clothes, medication and education.

Might I challenge you in looking into getting a sponsor child or even looking into how you can support the aid already being sent to the Philippines helping victims of the typhoon.

Do your research on different organisations that sponsor children – but I recommend Compassion. They are an organisation that put need first and having done work with them in January and seeing them in action, they do an incredible job.

I am visiting again this coming January and I cannot wait to do posts from there to keep you updated.

K xx


Melissa and her friends singing


When arriving at the projects they would greet us with these beautiful I guess necklaces. This one was actually made by Melissa and her teacher Ate Susan.


Melissa’s classroom with her teacher Ate Susan teaching.


These two girls were from another project and couldn’t stay away from me – they are very special.


This is a photo of the children from an orphanage we visited – truly incredible children and people who run it.

IMG_1940                      IMG_1929

IMG_1931                              IMG_1930

I also got to visit a very cute cupcake bakery when I was in Manila!

First ‘Life-Changing’ Cupcake


Alright – I thought for something a bit fun I would run you through the first time I created a cupcake that changed my whole perspective of cupcake baking!

So – it was early this year, I was feeling annoyed about not really having a huge reputation about my cupcakes – only close friends and family knew I could make a pretty good cupcake. So I decided I would bake some Vanilla Cupcakes for a ‘Big Day Out’ the young adults group I go to had on that weekend.

I decided I would put my own little twist on it but putting lime and lemon juice in the buttercream frosting so it would give a nice fresh taste within the cupcake eating experience. I was so proud of myself. This was around the time I was really discovering that I am slightly creative with different flavours.

So off I went on this big day out where I knew there were going to be a good amount of people that would be interested in trying my cupcakes and would give me a honest opinion.

The reaction I got was seriously unexpected.

People were dishing out the “yummmmm’s”, “oh my goodness’s”, “did you make these’s” and  “incredible’s” and I am sitting there taking all this in thinking – “wow! they are actually saying all this about MY cupcakes!!!”

One of the very over excited people that tired my cupcakes decided HE would be the official ‘cupcake namer’ and then went on to name this cupcake “Citrus Cloud”. I loved it! Everyone agreed and so it has been that since day dot!

Haha – I have such incredible friends and their support is amazing. It is what keeps me going – I can tell you that now! But that moment is what I hold on to – not just because of the awesome feeling it was to hit the nail on the head first go – but to see how far I have come in this whole journey as far – Wow!

Hope your day is lovely,

K xx


The Experiments


I am someone who doesn’t really like failing or making mistakes with anything I do. I especially don’t like failing if I am presenting/creating something for someone else. How embarrassing!! I also think the pressure that the hospitality industry places on an individual is crazy – and makes me think if I ever fail or make a simple mistake no one is going to take me seriously.

But the more I think about it the more I know the truth. There is a saying ‘if you don’t fail, you will never get better – you will play it safe” (totally paraphrased but you get what I mean) I hear this kind of thing all the time and yet I still think about it in a negative way.

So my challenge at the moment is to experiment with different flavours and make more recipes of my own. When doing this there do come fails – I have one I am going to share with you right now. (and I am TRYING to be okay with this – haha!)

The example I am about to share with you was inspired by something I found on Pintrest and although I think the concept is cool, it did end up failing pretty bad. (and I am TRYING to be okay with this – haha!)

I attempted to create an american inspired cupcake with the flavour elements of:





I know that if I were to give an american a taste of these they will probably absolutely LOVE them. But no – sorry- not my cup of peppermint tea.

Now I look back at it I think to myself ‘what were you even thinking!?’ But I love that I had a go and I now know that it is a no go for Philos Cupcakes.

So I am simply writing this post to let you all (and me too!!) know that it is okay to make mistakes! Otherwise I would be playing it safe with my cupcakes which I don’t want to do. I want to ‘wow’ you!

K xx